To improve your health, drinking a smoothie is an excellent addition to your health. And it is also very easy to make. With nutribullet diet smoothies you make sure you get faster to the required nutrients.

Everyone knows that you have at least 200 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit per day should eat. Well is 200 grams of raw vegetable food is almost impossible to do, and every day but vegetable cook just takes a lot of time and we do not always feel like it. By cooking vegetables also lose the additional enzymes, vitamins and minerals. With the advent of the smoothies you will not notice it more completely. You throw all your fruit and vegetables in the blender, the blender does, and there’s your delicious healthy smoothie. But what is a good blender?

What is a good diet blender?

If you want to make smoothies you obviously need a good blender. The quality and ease of use of blenders vary considerably. Many blenders grind the fruits and vegetables are not good, so you get big chunks in your smoothie. And by making the most sap nutrients and fiber will be lost. Also the cheap blenders of 15 euro often quickly broken.

Vitamix vs the nutribullet diet




The VitaMix is ​​a blender fitted with a powerful engine of 1000 to 1300 W varies by model. As a result, the blender has a speed between 1,000 and 24,000 revolutions per minute, continuously vary during use. This speed is also increasing due to a turbo of 37,000 revolutions per minute. This will all be completely crushed and you get pure juice makes it easy to drink way. The content of the VitaMix is ​​also very well namely 2 liters. This lets you easily create a whole meal drink away. However, the VitaMix to the very pricey side. Prices of VitaMix vary between 700 and 999 euros.

NutriBullet diet

Nutri bullet compared to the VitaMix much less powerful, the engine of the nutritional bullet namely delivers 600 watts and takes 10,000 rpm, which incidentally is still quite a powerful engine. Even though the nutritional bullet is a lot less powerful. Do you also do this with a delicious smoothie blender where you do not encounter more thick pieces. However, the Vitamix is ​​slightly more sophisticated but that is not surprising with a motor that delivers twice as much power. The content of the nutritional bullet is 0.7 liters a lot less than the VitaMix. But the big advantage of the nutritional bullet, it costs only 99 euros. And that’s quite a significant difference from the VitaMix which cost as much as 700 to 999 euros.

The conclusion:

When I look at all the points I have reached the conclusion that the nutritional bullet is the best choice. The differences between the nutritional VitaMix and bullet are too small to opt for the much more expensive VitaMix. If you still go for the best and you have the money for it over the VitaMix is ​​a good choice.


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