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Nutribullet is a very powerful bullet-type blender, used for making a great variety of souped-up smoothies within a few minute. Its major selling point is that being powerful enough with motor capable of 600 watt to thoroughly blend up even the hard vegetable stems and the thick outer surfaces. It crushes the food and completely breaks down all the nutrients into a delicious and pulp-free smoothie. The device can even able to burst open seeds and shred tough skins by means of the exclusive cyclonic motor. It comes along with twelve piece set that includes recipe book and pocket nutritionist so that you can achieve a healthy diet right away. The device is compact and sleek and you can also enjoy easy and quick clean by just rinsing it using the warm water. The extractor blade that is featured in this device has got a unique design, which when combined with magic bullet cyclonic action, produces the power to crush through seeds, hardest skin and stems to access the nutrition hidden inside. This extractor blade is crafted from stainless steel and it never requires sharpening. At nutribullet big w, you can able to find a product at different style blenders.

Affordable blender

Nutribullet blender is affordable of all other blenders available in the market that promises to deliver the necessary efficiency and power to your cooking and kitchen. It is highly perfect when you do not make big portions of food normally or more than single serving. It has a 600 watt motor, which is developed to be effective and durable, while its amazingly extractable blades enable you to create delicious and smooth food from several different kinds of ingredients, including vegetables and fruit. While purchasing this device at nutribullet big w, you will be presented with the additional components like power base, tall cup, short cups, flat blade, emulsifying blade and re-sealable kids. Moreover, the box includes a pocket nutritionist handbook and a manual along with healthy recipes that can be employed as an introduction to nutribullet blender. If you want to save money on buying a second-hand nutribullet, you must always check accessories and which cups are available with the product being purchased.

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Admirable features of nutribullet

The main feature of the function of nutribullet is its extremely durable power base. It is because; the power base is efficient, easy to use and convenient. It also involves a single-touch activation facility. All that you do is placing the nutribullet blender into power base and then pressing down. While you buy the product from nutribullet big w, you can get the product with two different kinds of blades, which will be available as a part of package, including extractor blade and flat blade. Flat blade will be used for grinding ingredients like spices, herbs, nuts and coffee. It is suitable for milling various kinds of grains. The extractor blade is normally used to blend ingredients finely that will result in a smooth consistency. This kind of blade tends to whirl itself with skins, seeds and stems.


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