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Do you run away when your friends call out for a selfie? Do you hate when you cannot fit in lovely dresses? Does your figure haunt you? Relax! These are symptoms of overweight and one out of ten people in the world suffer from such health impairment. While for some people there could be medical reasons behind the overweight, but for most of the people, overweight directly attributes to irregular eating, over eating, lack of exercise and junk food consumption. The human body stores extra energy from food under the skin in the form of fat that should be eliminated. Also, weight loss should be a streamlined and slow process which can be monitored. So, to help the eager ones who are seeking professional advice to get rid of those few extra kilos, here are the simple and easy to practise steps. Check these out and get inspired:

Switch diet plans

From fat to become fit, all you need to do is to know what to eat and how to eat healthy. Rather than consuming food in the regular form, learn how to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. in the most nutritive way. Use Nutri bullet in place of ordinary nutrient extractors that breaks down the food into the form which is most absorbed by the body. These machines are termed as Nutri blast makers that absorb all the nutrients from food and leave only the fodder behind. This as a result helps the digestive system a lot and thus improves the metabolism of the body.

Less carbs more Protein

It is said that, white products in food attribute to more carbohydrate that in turn accounts for weight gain. Instead of carbohydrates use more protein in the diet. You can consume sprouts, legumes etc. in a steamed form or soak in warm water and blend them in Nutri bullet so that the nutrients remain intact.  This special nutrient extractor is known to keep all the nutrients of food in their original form thus retaining all their health benefits.

Say ‘no’ to sugars

It is difficult to control one’s tongue especially if you are a sweet tooth. If you love to have smoothies but feel the need of adding extra sugar in them then there is a solution for you.  In order to be fit and in a good form, do not add any sugar to your smoothies when you blend them in the blender. Many times, normal blender or nutrient extractor extract the natural sweetness that the fruits carry in them making you add artificial sugar. Instead, if you blend your fruits and nuts in the Nutri bullet, you get double advantage as the food’s nutrition is retained and also you will not need to add any extra amount of sugar which is harmful for your health.

With these easy to follow tips and guidance from professional weight trainers, you can shed the extra fat to look slim, stunning and extravagantly elegant. So, bring home the Nutri bullet nutrient extractor and make all heads turn.


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