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Goodness of vegetables and fruits nutri bullet blender makes you feel fuller and also burn unwanted fat cells and increase the inner beauty thus giving you a flawless skin in addition to that curvy figure. But, the question remains how to get the real goodness of fruits and other veggies without losing its nutrient value. Well, the answer is none other than Nutri bullet which is a strong bullet like food processor which has enormous blade power to pour out nutrient rich juice from freshly picked vegetables and fruits. But squeezing delicious yet nutritional juice with the help of this appliance demands certain tricks and guidelines as well. Go through the page as this will happily unveil the tricks:

Use Taste enhancer when on veggie juice

 Fruit juices as we know are edible and are soothing to our tongue, but raw veggie juice does not follow the fruit juice track when compared in the taste category. They are tasteless and are sometimes difficult to digest. nutri bullet blender kit bag has a pack full of nutritionist; it is basically a taste enhancer. Nutritionist if mixed within regulated limits into the veggie juice, it can give an excellent taste to the juice.

Never put tough unbreakable seeds

An ordinary juicer leaves you with almost half a jug full of trash residues after blending which you need to throw away or can use them in garden for composting. The nutri bullet blender, on the other hand, effectively blitzes the entire ingredients together into one perfect smoothie keeping the nutrients intact which is easily breakable by the metabolic system

Leave some room for air passage

Nutri bullet manual guide recommends you to use 50% fruit to 50% veggie into the juice mixture. Don’t get greedy; never ever stuff the container with too many fruits and veggies as these will give rise to a viscous fluid and not a juice. Always leave some free space for air and water in order to get the perfect results.

Choose ingredients carefully

To nail a perfect tongue loving juice you need to choose the ingredients properly. Try to avoid spices which you use in daily cooking business as spices are not made for every purpose. You can experiment with some loop full of yoghurt and oats, if planning for a breakfast drink. You can also include red berries and bananas within it to magnify the taste further.

Make and carry

Nutri bullet has air tight sockets, included with in its kit bag. Use it while blending to prevent side leakage and you can also employ that socket when carrying the entire juice filled container while travelling.

If you are still in dilemma, like what to mix or how to mix with your newly purchased nutri bullet blender then again Nutri bullet recipe guide is there for your help. It is a comprehensive book which has a whole new collection of nutri bullet recipes along with its nutritional and calorie value. It also has some magical detox and anti-inflammation juice recipes which works like wonders on the users thus offering them with a body and skin that they have always craved for.


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