nutri bulet, a powerful nutrient extractor, is the new craze in the fitness world. Those who survive on vegetables and foods, like low or no carbohydrate diet, for them nutri bulet is an ideal nutrient extractor in the category of kitchen appliances. The entire food processor is quite handy and is far more superior to any other mixer grinder. Comprising of extremely powerful blades for crushing and extracting juices from vegetables and fruits, this processor is often called as a ‘nutrient extractor’ which is the perfect term to sum up its functions in a single term.

Well, it is obvious from the above discussion that this amazing product is much more than a mere blender or juicer. If you are eager to know how and why, here you will get all your answers as a brief comparison between Nutri bulet and other blenders is enlisted below:


Sound pollution

 nutribullet big w

Every time you rotate that blender, there is a shrill and annoying noise, the intensity of which increases with every single turn or with hardness of things inside the container. In case of nutri bulet, it is absolutely mute. It performs its work silently and neatly without awaking the entire house with its thud.

No left over


Traditional blender or juicer are not sound enough in their performance and they always dump the pulps leading to a complete wastage of half of the veggies or fruits. Moreover, it cannot crush the seeds thus wasting the valuable nutrients present in them. In the mentioned nutrient extractor it is a completely different scenario as its immense speed smashes and liquefies every single inch of the vegetables and fruits. If the seeds are soft as in case of fruits like water melon, then it will crush that too and you are free from doing the boring task of removing the same.

Ready to drink


In a regular blender you need to pour the grinded content into a separate cup or container before using it. But Nutri bulet’s inbuilt cup cum mixing container eliminates this task. As soon as the blending and juice making task gets over you can taste it at once from that cup shaped grinding container.


 nutirbullet mixers

A blender throws cleaning tantrums for the users and it becomes very difficult to get rid of the residues stuck in the blades and containers. But, Nutri bulet is not at all difficult to maintain as you can clean it very easily, just by placing it below the tap or by a single wipe of soap.

As you can see that Nutria bullet is far superior to any other typical blender that you have in your kitchen. When making juice out of raw fruits and vegetables, this magical nutrient extractor has no substitutes. The entire kit bag is quite affordable and the total investment will pay you off in the long run, both for your health and for your wallet.

So stop shedding tears by looking at your bulging belly, gear up your sleeves, hit a gym and sip some nutria blast and experience a visible transformation within you.


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