how to use a nutribullet 

Nutribullet is a compact, convenient and simple blender designed for extracting the nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and nuts. Rather than for commercial purpose, this equipment is best to be used at home. Before purchasing the one for your residence, you should know how to use a nutribullet, its function and the cleaning process. Of course, it is also important to know how to use it for making drinks and powders.

Identify The Blades:

Nutribullet comes with two different blades including regular extractor blade with four sides and another one is a milling blade with a single blade. While the extractor blade is used for blending vegetables and fruits into drinks, the milling blade is used for grinding dry ingredients into powders. You can change the blade based on your requirement.

Use On A Leveled Surface:

how to use a nutribullet 2

A kitchen table or counter will be the best place for keeping your nutribullet. It is better to keep it away from wet places. Then you need to plug in the power base and the equipment is now ready to use.

Add Ingredients:

Once you have set up the nutribullet, you need to add vegetables and fruits on the tall or short cup for making the nutritious drink. Of course, you can also add seeds and nuts to fill the cup with ingredients. The tall cup can hold 24 ounces of juice whereas the short cup can hold 18 ounces of the extract. You should never fill the cup more than the maximum line. If you are making drink, you can use a little quantity of water or any kind of liquid that you prefer.

Placing Blade:

Once you have included all the ingredients to the blender, you have to place the blade above the up, turn it upside and down, place it on the base, press down and twist it until the blade sits properly on the machine.  And then press the cup blade on to the power base. You should be very careful at this session as there will be two notches on either side of the logo. You should line up with these notches and push the cup down to mix the ingredients. As it takes only a few minutes for the ingredients to get grounded, you can lift the cup and take it out to stop the device from working after a few seconds.

how to use a nutribullet 3

Shake Or Tap The Cup:

Sometimes, the ingredients could get stuck, especially if you don’t include enough water in the cup and prevents you from opening the blender. You need not worry about it. Just shape or tap the cup for loosening the ingredients so that it mixes together. Of course, you can also add more liquid to the container if required. You need not have to remove the cup from the blender base to tap on it. The nutribullet blender comes with resealable lids which can be used to cover the cup and store your cup. You have to place the lids tightly on the cup to keep them from for long time.

As all these processes are involved in using nutribullet blender, it is important to learn how to use a nutribullet before investing on it.


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